A Mayan Moment

It’s 35C in the crackly dry forest of the Yucatan peninsula on the Southeast coast of Mexico. Carrying snorkeling gear, we gingerly make our way through the forest and down a rickety wooden ladder. We step into the cool darkness of a Mexican sinkhole. 

The flooded caves are linked by a system of underground rivers extending to the Caribbean Sea. Ancient Mayans believed these limestone sinkholes, or ‘cenotes’ were portals to the underworld. Now a popular place to cool off from the tropical heat, you can snorkel and even dive at a number of caves around the region. We pull on our masks and plunge into the cool, fresh water.  Read more

Adventure in the High Atlas

It wasn’t quite the weather we had pictured as we stepped off the plane on our first trip to North Africa; lashing rain, strong winds and temperatures dropping to 13C.

As the taxi trundled up the twisty road to our first hotel in the High Atlas Mountains, biblical-looking characters in hooded robes or djellabas, sheltered in doorways and whole families on mopeds swerved the puddles. At one point the road turned into a river as thick, red mud gushed off the mountainside. A little further ahead, a section of the highway crumbled over the precipice. Travelling through Morocco is always an adventure, but we wondered if we’d even reach the hotel.

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