The First Rule of the Club – It’s All About The Cake

They arrive through the downpour clutching cake tins and large plastic boxes. Brushing off raincoats, they pass through a shiny, white door into a secret meeting place in the centre of York.

As the clock strikes six, more women and a couple of men arrive, carrying yet more containers. The York Cocoa House on Blake Street suddenly starts to buzz as the contents of the tins and boxes are surreptitiously revealed. Let them eat cake

A new type of supper club

A whiff of very ripe Stilton drifts down the stairs of the Adelphi pub in Leeds, where a large crowd has gathered outside the function room for the monthly Homage to Fromage, a popular food club that is spreading around the region. At the stroke of seven the doors are thrown open and the excited group of 90 guests piles in.

Large platters of cheese are laid out around the room like prize exhibits, along with baskets of bread, jars of pickle, grapes, celery and crackers. Everyone eyes it hungrily.

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