Charity magazines

A selection of articles commissioned for the charity magazine, YoungMinds.

Gym’ll Fix It

A Leeds-based programme to help children to lose weight – and address the emotional problems that so often accompany obesity – is going from strength to strength.

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Down to earth remedies

The sweet smell of donuts wafts out of a food factory a few feet away from All Saints Church of England Primary School in south Leeds. But junk food has no place at the Green Gym after-school club.

The school – squashed between the busy A64 and a large industrial estate – is cultivating a healthier lifestyle with green exercise and horticulture.

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In that ‘special place’

A workshop at a Sheffield primary school is helping children to improve their relationships and sleep patterns – by teaching them to relax. Nicky Solloway reports

At an inner city primary school in Sheffield, a small group of children sit in a circle and start their breathing exercises as calm music plays.

It is week five of a six-week peace workshop and the children – who a minute ago were doing PE – quickly stop fidgeting, close their eyes and concentrate on their ‘stilling’ technique.

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