Why do journalists make good content writers?

Because a professional writer knows how to tell a good story.

Did you know that most people spend less than 15 seconds on a web page? That’s not a lot of time to get your message across.

Which is why you need clear, concise and interesting copy that keeps your readers scrolling down your page.

A good content writer communicates the most important message in a few seconds.

It’s in the information

Before any writer can sit down and start writing, they need information. And since journalists are essentially information-gatherers, it just so happens that journalists often make great copywriters.

Listening and questioning skills

It is paramount that the copywriter understands the brief. This means knowing who the copy is targeted at and what the client hopes to achieve through it.

A good copywriter works in a similar way to a reporter by researching and interviewing people and then using this information to write articles for newsletters, website content, reports and other communications.

Attention to detail

Probably the most essential skill any copywriter can have;  good communication is in the detail. Since I’ve worked as a writer and an editor, I certainly know where to put an apostrophe.


Being able to come up with original ideas certainly helps. I love working with words, but there’s so much more to writing good copy than stringing a sentence together.

So whether you need words for a website, articles for a newsletter, or some punchy sales copy for a brochure, it’s worth getting a professional to do it.

I will work with you to get your message across.

Get in touch to see how I can help.



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